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6.00PM – 9.30PM
OCTOBER 28 & 29, 2020


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The National Dairy Show

Held virtually:

6.00pm – 9.30pm

October 28 & 29, 2020


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About the Virtual National Dairy Show 2020

Over the last 38 years, The National Dairy Show has developed a reputation as the premier indoor agricultural event in Ireland, as well as the meeting place for dairy farmers and dairy businesses. The Covid 19 pandemic however has made the staging of a live show impossible this year. But…the National Dairy Show has always been forward thinking and resilient and after much hard work and research by the committee, we are delighted to announce the show will go on and we will continue to bring the dairy farming community together, albeit it virtually in 2020!

The virtual show will be held over two evenings, the 28th and 29th of October and will include the National Dairy Innovation Awards presentation, keynote addresses, expert panels, demonstrations and many other aspects of the physical show.

A virtual show opens up an exciting opportunity to break from the limits of location and beam this year’s show into dairy farmhouses and farm offices all over Ireland. We have worked extensively with our technology partner to ensure that all attendees, no matter their age or background, will be able to easily navigate the system we have created especially for the event and enjoy the extra dimension that the virtual world brings to the 2020 National Dairy Show.

Hopefully you can join us again this year to meet the same friends (virtually), make some new ones, do business, explore the companies you love, listen to keynote speakers, learn from our expert panels and distinguished guests, engage with the show director and committee, enjoy our demos and on site videos, witness stock judging surprises and much much more….

Denis Kiely, Show Director



During the late 1970’s, the Cork Holstein Friesian Club visited a dairy show at Bingley Hall in Staffordshire, UK and wondered ‘Could we do a similar show in Ireland?’. Three committee members of this breeders club were asked to look into it. They were Bryan O’Connor, Bob Troy and John O’Sullivan. They concluded that the interest was there, that it would need to be held in October/November and a suitable indoors facility would need to be found. A new equestrian facility just built by the Duggan Family in Millstreet was deemed to be a suitable venue. The National Dairy Show was born.

The National Dairy Show has been at that site since its first ever show in 1982 and since then, it has grown to be the premier dairy show in Ireland. The trade stand element has increased over the years while promoting and supporting the Irish dairy industry has always been at the forefront. Due to Covid-19, the event goes online for 2020 where it continues its great tradition and expands its availability to everyone with an internet connection.




The show agenda, through keynote presentations and expert panel discussions, will tackle the key issues surrounding dairy farming now and into the future. Each session will be fully interactive. Messages, comments and /or questions can be easily typed into a panel on screen, with experts on hand to answer or follow up after the event.

Between the scheduled sessions, we will have messages from the committee, policy makers, interactive sessions, industry highlights, demonstrations and important information from our sponsors. There will also be some stock judging competitions, audience polls on industry matters, podium shout-outs for show special offers and as much of the elements of the physical show as we can pack in.

We are confident that for every dairy farmer and professional there is lots to interest, engage and inform over the course of the event.




Register now, it’s absolutely free on our new website

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