2020 Virtual National Dairy Show – We Embrace Change

The one thing that the majority of people all over the world can say for 2020 is, ‘we embraced change’.

The take home message from the 2020 Virtual National Dairy Show would seem to be the same, ‘we embraced change’.

We now have changing consumer demands, health demands, antibiotic usage, technology advancements, work/life balance priorities, climate policy, grass types, soil focus, value added products, marketing messaging and much more - mostly to the betterment of the dairy industry.

The potential to grow post quota was a welcomed change for many farmers, now the difficulties of that in the marketplace may make us reconsider any unthought through expansion inside the farm gate.

A digital magazine post event looked back at some of the highlights of the show including the crystal ball discussion as well as the future of technology through innovation winners and the future dairy farm vision of automation leaders.

And then, in one of the best Antimicrobial Resistance panels ever assembled at any event, it reviews the shows look at the issue of farmers in the front line of the health business.

Change is the theme of the Dairy Special edition and you can view the free digital edition - by clicking HERE